Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Serene's birth story part 2

I laid in bed having some contractions,they were pretty mild. I figured I'd fall asleep, they would go away,just like they always seem to, maybe this night I'd have some wicked diarrhea or puking to liven up my nightly bathroom ritual, but that's about it.I drifted in and out of sleep as I listened to Josh's Rocky movie in the other room, I think he was confident in his idea of Castor oil and felt like there was no reason to go to bed. Then I felt it, this pang of pain. ouch. Definitely felt like a real contraction.But who was I kidding, nothing was going to happen tonight.About ten minutes later, it happened again. I called Josh in. He told me to start timing.I tried to time, ten minutes seemed so long. There definitely couldn't be something going on with contractions this far apart. I gave up at about seven minutes timing. Labor and delivery would definitely send me home if I came in right now. Pang.Another contraction.I called Josh in again. He laid in bed with me, for the next two contractions, which were now seven minutes apart and about a minute and a half long. Seven minutes apart was what we had decided was the point we would call Labor and Delivery to tell them we were coming in.Which we were instructed to do being as we live so far away, so they would be ready when we got there. Josh called, they said come in. And then I got up.Josh grabbed the kids, put them in the car. We grabbed last minute items we needed. All the while my pain is increasing with every contraction which are happening closer together.
From this point on the story might get somewhat graphic and some might get grossed out by my details, just sayin' you might not be able to look at me the same way after reading this.
Then came the smell. I farted and even though Josh and I were in a dark room together we both felt as if we could see a fog coming from me.I couldn't hold it in. Josh compared the smell to the dark sand underneath the top sand at the beach, the layer where all the decomposing sea life was.I guess I have never dug that deep at the beach to be familiar with that smell, but whatever. We both starting laughing, a defense mechanism against gagging or dry heaving. Thank you Castor oil.Then I rushed to the bathroom. Pretty sure I don't need to go into any explanation of what happened in there.Contractions are worsening. Pain increasing.I then head to the car.
We started our long journey to the hospital. And when I say long journey I mean our 45 min car ride to the hospital, which felt like an eternity.


Laura said...

Hahahahaha oh Emily! I'm glad to know some things never change:) Not you letting awful smells, but the fact that you aren't embarrassed about such things:)

Liesa said...

Are you just leaving us at the FART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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