Friday, August 20, 2010

Serene's birth story part 3

Sorry it's taken me so long to write this and sorry to leave some of you hanging, its been a busy week or so.
So we live on a Peninsula, the Key Peninsula to be exact, and we have to drive up this Peninsula, over a bridge drive through Gig Harbor over the Narrows Bridge and then we are in Tacoma and the hospital. So we are in the car and we are heading down the highway. Josh puts on his caution lights, as if to excuse himself from the speed limit. At first I say oh you don't need to do that. Yeah, so i quickly changed my mind. The contractions are now getting so I can't just breathe through them. Josh tried to help me breathe through them for as long as he could, then I started getting testy and told him he was breathing too fast. I started moaning through them and clinching my teeth a bit. The kids are now bright eyed in the back seat, probably thinking they were in the middle of a very bad dream, ripped out of their beds and in the car going VERY fast through a dark tunnel of trees with their mom moaning.I think that sounds pretty freaky to me. So once we get to Gig Harbor I am feeling like I can't sit down on my bottom.I am pretty sure that is not a good sign. Oh and at some point on this journey we have called my brother and sister in law, who were supposed to take the kids, but there kids are sick- so they can't. Dang it!Then we call my mother in law she says to bring the kids to her house.Bless her heart but Josh quickly informed her that wasn't going to work, like really wasn't going to work. So she said she'd meet us at the hospital.Thank goodness.So we are now going through Gig Harbor reaching the Narrows Bridge and about at that point I am screaming.It actually helped.I felt silly, It was Loud, it freaked out the kids even more(bad dream getting worse), but it actually felt better to scream through the contraction.I started apologizing to the kids.Josh told me they were fine and to worry about myself.Rainy has now covered her head with her blanket-duck and cover!We reach Tacoma, By now I am pounding on the arm rest, holding myself up, cause it hurts to sit down, contractions are back to back and I am pounding on the arm rest(not sure why.) I argue with Josh for short second about which exit to take to the hospital as if he hadn't lived there for 20 years of his life.I am now officially turning into raging lunatic. We reach the hospital. Josh starts ringing the doorbell to let us in.The lady at the front desk just sits there, with her back to us, mind you I am still screaming and now I am pounding on the windows of the hospital too.Still she sits there. Two of my sister in laws pull up right behind us, with my mother in law. They got the kids, the little lady at the desk finally opens up the door, she says as if its any consolation- "I kept pressing the button to let you in." Well obviously it wasn't working because, I still wasn't inside yet! As the automatic doors slowly opened I helped pull them apart,I felt like the Hulk. Josh pushes me in the wheel chair( he is mumbling all kinds of things about how frustrated he is with lady upfront and the hospital), I am standing in the wheelchair, still can't sit down.We get to the elevator, I tell Josh or maybe yell , "have to pee!" He says something to effect of do what you gotta do. I pee right on the floor of Tacoma General Hospital, right in front of the elevators. Weird moment for me, not my finest. Oh well, do what ya gotta do.


Laura said...

You go Emily! Now just don't wait another week to post the finale:)

McAnally Family said...

what a great story!!! Serene had to make an interesting and exciting entrance into this world! can't wait to read the rest!!