Friday, September 17, 2010

Serene Birth Story part 4- the grand Finale!

I bet you thought this day would never come, well it has, the stars have aligned and here I am this evening bringing you the 4th and final installment of... Serene's birth story- the GRAND finale! So where did we leave off ?... aah yes me, peeing in front of the elevators.

So the Elevator FINALLY comes, Josh pushes me in, then we go down one floor to Labor and delivery, I am still screaming. He pushes me to their(L&B) door, just as the door is closing behind someone, I yell "LET ME IN!" I am a dork, I know. Then I use my hulk muscles again and pry the door open before it closes completely. All the nurses at the nurses station are now completely aware at this point that I am there, I have made quite the entrance. One says who are you- I tell them my name and Josh tells them we have called ahead, they acknowledge they know who I am and then I am surrounded by nurses.One tells me to sit down so she can push me to the room.Bless her sweet sweet heart, I yell at her too and tell her I can't.(She ended up being one of my favorite nurses throughout my visit there.) So I am in the room, they tell me to get on the bed, I climb up and as I do that they(being the nurses) remove the lower half of my clothes. WARNING: THINGS MIGHT GET GRAPHIC AGAIN- READ AT YOUR OWN RISK.I stay on my hands and knees and am moaning and groaning and screaming.There is a nurse there telling me to breath- I yell at her too and tell her I can't. Screaming works just fine for me thank you.She checks me. She tells me she is going to check me to see how far I am dilated- this is the moment of truth. This is the moment where I find out if I am a big baby or if I have reason to feel like wonder woman. She declares I am a nine! YES a 9! Freaking Amazing! All I think is get this baby out of me and NO FREAKING WONDER THIS HURTS SO FREAKING BAD! Sorry about all the freaking out. So then she tells me that in a matter of minutes my water is going to break and not to push yet and that I am too far along to have an epidural.Which I have never NOT had. A little scary.Okay A LOT SCARY!I can hear Josh in the background talking about how we tried to have the baby before now, no one would induce me, we have big babies, I have torn severely with our other babies.I know he was just worried, but I finally said something to the effect of " It doesn't matter anymore, we are here and we are just going to have to do it." My mother in law agreed.And Josh said "Okay."( Okay like whatever you say, you have to push this baby out, not me.)I was surprised I was able to say something that made sense, because up until now, I was acting like a crazy woman.A new doctor comes in and when I say new, I mean this little lady has only HELPED deliver a few babies. She is young and nervous. The more experienced doctor, the one from my doctors office that is on call that night is sitting, literally sitting back in a chair, in the back of the room observing. I am still on my hands and knees on the bed. Josh is holding my hands, my mother in law is rubbing my back, it was so comforting.Josh told me he had to let go for a second, I knew what that meant, he needed to take of his sweatshirt, which meant he was getting hot, which meant he felt like he was going to pass out. He always feels like that when I am having a baby, right before his adrenaline kicks in. I am only getting glimpses of what is happening behind me between contractions and screaming into my pillow. I then disregard what the nurse told me and push with all my might, because it was the only thing that relieved the pressure, but she was right, my water did break. And Josh informed me later that when it did it, literally went ALL over that poor little Doctor lady and up and over her head. Josh said the look on her face was priceless. So then, I am assuming that as the new Dr. is getting somewhat cleaned up, the old experienced Doctor comes and checks me, I am a ten, I can push.The nurses help roll me over to get in a better position. I push maybe 10 times and then I heard something that always melts my heart, and that is this little chuckle/laugh from Josh. I only hear it when he is completely excited or proud.I have heard it every time I have pushed one of our babies far enough he can see their dark hair, or when our kids accomplish a milestone such as smiling for the first time, crawling, walking, talking, or writing their name.I love this sound and after about 10 pushes I heard it and I knew he was proud of me, I knew he could see our baby. He gives this great smile along with the chuckle and that was smeared all over his face.My mother in laws eyes lit up, I was almost done.I pushed a couple more times and then it was over. I had this beautiful baby on my chest.Serene was born at 4 o' clock A.M., She was 7 lbs11 oz. and 19 inches long.Perfect. I kept saying to Josh and my MIL "I did it, I did it!" And they agreed "You did do it." I called my mom and dad.I told them all about her.I told them that she had my ears, and that she has TONS of hair.The next few minutes was kind of a blur. I just know how proud I felt, how that getting this sweet little baby after all that work was the greatest gift. I remember one of the nurses saying "Now that is how you have a baby!" I think that was after we had determined I was only in labor for about 2 hours!Yes, all of this happened in two hours!And yet in took me over a month to write about it- sorry. Before they wheeled me to my room they got me checked in. Weird. They kept saying how silly it felt to be getting me checked in after the baby was born.It was a great moment when they wheeled me to the room I would be staying in, baby in my arms and then they played "twinkle twinkle little star." They play that every time a baby in born through out the hospital.So cool.

So here is the little beauty herself, born on a very Serene morning in August:
Miss Serene Hemming - 1 month
Happy Happy Momma
Very TIRED Daddy
Very Happy Bro&Sis
Happy Happy Family


Kristi M. said...

Such a cutie! I wish they play a song when a baby is born at the hospital here. How sweet.

heidi said...

A few times in your life you have asked me if 'you could do this'? Meaning, "am I ready for this, can I do this thing that is ahead of me?". My answer will always be YES! You can do whatever is put in front of you! EVEN have a baby without any medication or pain control. You are an amazing woman, and mother. I am so proud to be your mom, and your friend.

Laura said...

Congratulations Emmy! That's such a great story. Thanks for the details...I enjoyed reading and feeling like I was a part of it. I can't wait to meet your new baby!

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