Friday, October 29, 2010

Catch up! Or is it Catsup, I prefer Ketchup...

A lot has happened in our little world since Miss Serene has entered into our lives, and therefore I am here at the computer tonight getting you all caught up.

1st, Rainy started preschool.Now this is not just any preschool, Rainy rides the bus to and from. Yeah, I did okay on the first day sending her, but when she got off the school bus, on her own and had made it safely home to me. I got a little choked up and realized- she can do it without me. She doesn't need me for everything anymore. I wanted to ball my big eyes out. Rainy goes Mon-Thursday to the Elementary School here, it is basically like a half day Kindergarten. This school district does all day Kindergarten.She eats breakfast and lunch at school. She has PE and music and they do centers. She has little girlfriends that she sits with and giggles with. She loves it.I am so glad she goes.I am glad she is becoming more and more independent. But wow has time flown. Here are a few pictures of her very first day, when the whole family got to go and spend the day.

Headed to school! Woo HOO!

Some of the kids from her class. Having breakfast. Stellar having breakfast too. Being a good big sis...

And then this is the second day of school, the first day to ride the bus-
Waiting in the car for the bus- totally excited!
Waiting outside for the bus.
Now crink your head to the side, cuz I dont want to flip the pic-
There she goes, with help with some of the other kids at the bus stop,
looking at this pic now, makes me get a bit teary.

and now this is what really got me on that day, besides Stellar peeing his pants and undressing himself on the side of the highway, at the bus stop - Keep crinking your neck to the side.
She made it home.
Yep, I got a lump in my throat.