Friday, October 29, 2010

2nd- We blessed Serene on October 1oth.

We blessed Serene in Josh's Parents ward here in Washington.My parents and sister came up.Josh's two brothers, brother in law(well almost;) ), Dad and My Dad stood in the circle.Josh gave her a beautiful blessing.Things that stood out to me were that she would be able to serve a full time mission if she so desired and to listen to her mother, because I would always have her best interest at heart. She looked fabulous! Karen(my mother in law) bought Serene a beautiful blessing dress, it was VERY long, very simple, elegant and had a bonnet with it, it was perfect. My mom bought her a locket, we all have a locket, all the girls in the family. My grandma sent her a bracelet and some cute little satin shoes that we jazzed up with some flowers we made. She looked great , we had great food and it was all around a great day. I missed having my Brother there though, I will admit that. I am so glad he will get to meet this sweet little girl in a few months.She is such a blessing to us. I feel like she has been with us forever.She is so lovely, her smile is amazing, she puts up with a lot from her older siblings(they love on her a bit too hard sometimes and Rainy wants to play with her like a baby doll.) I am so grateful that my Heavenly Father entusted me with this little sweet Spirit.


Laura said...

Very exciting! She looks so sweet in that little dress:)

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